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Other Details

Users Unlimited
Employees Unlimited
Documents Unlimited
Processes Unlimited
Custom Forms Unlimited
File Uploads Unlimited
File Size Limit 25MB per file
Allowed File Types All office documents, jpeg, jpg, png
Document Restriction If using OnlyOffice Editor, Community Server restrictions will apply
Storage Calculation System will calculate monthly average basis on daily usage
Support USD 75 Per Hour
Training USD 250 Per Training
Backups Daily Backups
Trial Period 15 days
First Invoice date 1 Month From Trial Ends
Invoice Credit Days 7 Days
Instance Retention Period If Invoice is not paid on or before the due date, system will be inactive. We will keep the instance for 1 Month
Reinstate Instance We will restore the instance once all the pending invoices are cleared against usage till the payment date
Retention Charges On Actuals
Contact [email protected] for any assistance.